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A mother carried an opioid OD treatment because she feared for her son, who was an opioid addict. One evening, she made dinner in the kitchen while her son was in his bedroom. She went through the mail, paid some bills, cooked dinner and then went to his room to get him for dinner. When she got there he was dead. He had used and OD'd, separated from his mother by only one wall. Tragically, she could not save him because she did not know he had OD'd. He wasn’t able to call for help because he was incapacitated. The OD treatment she carried with her was too late.

TechAlms Assist was created as a result of this story. It is designed to give those who OD a last chance to alert people they trust, who can then try to save them if they get the alerts or hear the alarm. TechAlms Assist can’t save everyone who OD’s, but it is a last chance to try and save someone. TECHALMS INC. does not advocate or support the use of any illegal or dangerous legal substance. Our mission to prevent overdose deaths does not mean we advocate you using.

**If you or your organization would like to discuss a customized version of the TechAlms Assist application or any other tech requirement/app, you may contact us through the link provided on our Custom Solutions page.

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“Techalms is a nonprofit designed to utilize the power of technology to aid those forgotten and underserved by society"

- Bijan Bowen, President - TechAlms Inc.