Due to restrictions implemented by Google, TechAlms Assist was removed from the Google play app store. Google does not allow apps to access text messaging functionality unless it is absolutely essential for the functionality of the app. I have submitted many appeals but Google does not seem to think that TechAlms Assist needs access to text messages to function. For now, the app is hosted on the Amazon Appstore which requires a few extra steps to install. Step-by-step instructions are written below.

Step 1

Go to www.techalms.org and scroll down to the Download now for Android button and select it. 

Step 2 

Select Get this App

Step 3

Select Get Amazon Appstore.

Step 4 

Select Continue.

Step 5 

Select Allow.

Step 6 

Select Ok.

Step 7

When the download finishes, select Open.

Step 8

Select Settings.

Step 9 

Tap the slider next to Unknown Sources.

Step 10 

Select Ok.

Step 11 

Select Install.

Step 12

Select Open.

Step 13 

If you already have an Amazon account, select Already an Amazon customer? Sign In. You may skip to step 17 once signed in.

If you are not already an amazon customer, select, Create A new Amazon account.

Step 14 

Follow the instructions and select Create your Amazon account. 

Step 15 

Enter the code sent to the e-mail address you provided in the previous step.

Step 16

You are now in the Amazon Appstore. 

Step 17

Search for TechAlms Assist in the search bar and select Get.

Step 18 

Select Download.

Step 19 

Select Continue.

Step 20 


Step 21 

Tap the slider next to Unknown Sources.

Step 22

Select Ok.

Step 23

Select Continue.

Step 24

Select Download.

Step 25

Select Install.

Step 26

Select Allow.

Step 27

Go to your apps when TechAlms Assist is finished downloading and it will be there.

Step 28

Open TechAlms Assist.

This concludes the TechAlms Assist Install Instructions How-To.  

This article is designed as a simple, in depth tutorial on how to install the TechAlms Assist application. For instructions on how to use the app, click the button below.  

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